Short Stories


The Pincushion

Tangerine Mag, Issue 7, December 2018.

“It was late morning when I arrived at what was once Vladimir Nabokov’s apartment at 8 Craigie Circle, Cambridge, Massachusetts, a modest brick building. I let myself into the hall and rang the buzzer of apartment 35 and, for lack of a better plan, asked for the first name that came to my mind. There was no one there of that name, the voice (female) told me through the intercom.“


A Day in Hartford

A Woman Is a Cinema, Issue 1, July 2018.

“The morning train from New Haven to Hartford, Connecticut, was air-conditioned like public transports only are in America. The visiting scholar had anticipated this and was wearing extra layers and a cotton scarf despite the scorching summer heat. As soon as she bypassed the small cluster of restaurants and bars surrounding the train station on arrival she found herself in pedestrian-free zone.”